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AIC Immigration Consultancy has been successfully offering immigration services for over 30 years, which makes us one of the oldest immigration consultancy firms established in Auckland. Our experienced and dedicated team of multi-lingual Licensed Immigration Advisers and Human Resource Professionals provide a one-stop shop for all your immigration requirements, whether you wish to come here to live, work, study, visit, join family, do business or invest. We will help you with all your visa requirements, whether it is Permanent Residency, Skilled Migrant, Family Visas, Work Visas, Student Visas, Section 61, Parent Category and Investor or Business Category Visas/ Entrepreneur Visas.

As the global world becomes smaller, migration from one country to another in an ever-changing world is a common way of life. New Zealand is one such country that is becoming ever increasingly attractive to migrants from all over the world.

Whatever may be your reason for migrating to New Zealand, we realise that the process can be very stressful for most people and daunting for many. We, at AIC Immigration understand the enormity of your decision and will help to build the bridge that makes your journey to New Zealand stress-free and successful.​

Supplying services for:

Study in NZ, Student visa

New Zealand

> Student Visas

> Work Visas

> Visitor Visas

> Residence Visas

> Entrepreneurs & Investors

> Complex Issues - Appeals, Sec 61, etc

> Family Categories

> Citizenship Applications

Moving to a new country is a once in a lifetime adventure.

Allow a professional to take care of the procedure, so you can fully enjoy your new start.  

Best NZ Immigration Advisor


  • New Zealand – the nation that millions of people dream of moving to. Its’ beautiful scenery, laid-back lifestyle and friendly communities lure thousands of people to move across the globe for the work life balance they desire.

  • We’ve been taking care of visas for ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’ for over 3 decades, it’s what we do best. Our expert team of Licensed Immigration Advisers handle all aspects of the visa and immigration process, offering world class immigration advice.

  • We’ve been helping people offshore and onshore for over a decade, getting positive outcomes for over 2000 people a year.

  • We make the immigration process simple, clear and efficient, removing any risk so you can focus on moving to your new country.

  • We offer a full range of visa solutions for employers too – with a corporate team dedicated to supporting and serving kiwi business and de-risking the visa process.

Work Visa

  Phillip Mayer, 35 

With AIC, there was no need to worry about the immigration process.

I felt welcome and in good hands. ”

Visitor Visa

  Noni Faraji, 25  

Going abroad to study by myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, Chanda was like my family away from home and helped me to take care of everything. 

Immigration Advisor

  Peter Varela, 43  

My wife and I were forced to immigrate. We used AIC's services because we had no second chances and needed the assistance of the best consultant. 

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